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Dev Topics:
Topic #1 – Build UI components with Storybook

Presenter: Wei Xin (Frontend Software Engineer at White Room)
To keep up with the trends of adding features and enhancements all of the time, designers starting to move from full-page designs to component designs; building reusable UI components has become so much more important to fast-paced tech startups.
With the help of Storybook, we can build UI components in isolation and use them in the app more confidently, as well as to develop hard-to-reach states and edge cases. Wei Xin will walk you through how to to setup and use Storybook in React, and apply business logic to these beautiful standalone components in an actual app.
You’ll see how Storybook saves development time as app evolves and provide better experience to the users.
Topic #2 – React + Headless WordPress – Is it worth the efforts?

Presenter: Nathan Onn (Freelance Developer)
WordPress is the most popular, user-friendly, open source content management system (CMS) in the market.
By using WordPress as a headless CMS allows us create the front-end side of our website or web application using React, and manage its content using WordPress.
In this session, Nathan will show you how to integrate headless WordPress into React, and answer the question: “Is it really worth the efforts?”.

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